London here we come

We will participate in the so called Library Talks in the Recidence’s Library at the Swedish Embassy during the London Design Festival. Please come by and listen. The subject is the methods of payment in the design industry.  This is how the magazine FORM puts it.

“It’s been 60 years since the royalty system became the standard method of payment in the design industry but is it’s relevance still appropriate in today’s sector? How does the payment structure affect young designers and the work they produce and what, if anything, can the new generation of emerging designers do to change the way they are compensated?
Following this Spring’s Milanuncut discussion, FORM continues to drive this important line of discussion; inviting Anders Landström from 50/50 Projects, journalist Hanna Nova Beatrice and a rich panel of notable commentators, critics and designers. The Big Gamble will be chaired by London-based design journalist, Johanna Agerman Ross.”