Max Streicher – Floating Forest

We are happy to inform you about the latest installation from our designer Max Streicher. He has made a unique art installation celebrating Earth Day 2011 in collaboration with Brookfield Place.

“Floating Forest” is an apparition – a mirage within the arid urban landscape. This inflated forest, made entirely from recycled billboard vinyl, reaches upward toward the bough-like arches of the Allen Lambert Galleria. Max Streicher’s “Floating Forest” is a memorial to lost forests. Streicher traces his inspiration for his colourful inflated vinyl grove to the rather meagre poplar clumps that punctuate the Alberta prairie. With his cluster of severely pruned and truncated trees, Streicher recalls the forests that once long ago would have existed along the shores of Lake Ontario, where we now stand. “Floating Forest” maintains its shape by means of air pressure provided by internal fans. It is a forest on life-support, pointing to the futility of a civilization whose aspirations are frequently in conflict with the earth.