Max Streicher

Max is a sculptor and an installation artist from Toronto, Canada. Since 1989 he has worked extensively with inflatable technology in kinetic sculptures and installation works. His works have been featured all across Canada numerous times, but also beyond Canada’s borders – in Germany, Taiwan, India, China, Japan and Austria. He was a founding member of the Nethermind collective of artists who organized four large exhibitions in alternative spaces in Toronto between 1991 and 1995. Max Streicher is currently represented by Galerie Eric Mircher in Paris, Gallery Maskara in Mumbai and Ricco/Maresca Gallery in New York City. Please visit Max’s web page.


Product designed by Max Streicher for The Fifty Fifty Projects
Mammatus Device*

Generally, inflatables are an expression of naive optimism. The commercially manufactured ones tend toward simplification and generalization. In contrast, mine are highly detailed and descriptive in their pattern design and construction. In addition I use light and papery materials that respond in subtle and delicate ways to the movement of air.

What I am seeking in my use of this medium is an unexpected naturalism. I’m interested in its kinaesthetic possibilities. But beyond the kinetic, it generates movements like swelling, pulsing, stretching, shrinking, and so on, which can stir up a memory within the body of the viewer, e.g. the sensation of breathing, of breathlessness, of holding our breath, etc.
My works are mere skins, but when this sense of coming to life occurs, it creates a sensation that is more than skin deep. It becomes a shared and empathetic physical experience. Thus, the force that animates my work is the same elemental, powerful and tenuous force that animates us.


In Mammatus Device, this interest in the body becomes functional and beneficial. As a co-occupant of your home or office, it will breathe the air you breathe, filtering out particles and toxins as it does so. In addition it will provide sound absorption and a soft diffuse light when required.


* mammatocumulus or Breast-like cloud formations


Mammatus Device Max Streicher