Mia E Göransson

Mia works as a ceramic artist and during several years she has worked with the theme “New Nature” where she finds, borrows and steals shapes from nature, be it moss, rocks, sticks or leaves. She casts abstracts and place them in non-natural surroundings – shapes in strict geometrical character. The results have until now ended up as ceramic materials, mostly porcelain. The step into other kinds of objects and products she reflects are following.

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Product designed by Mia E Göransson for The Fifty Fifty Projects

My work, a kind of depiction of nature, has increasingly come to be characterized by anxiety and threat. Through the years, my courage to let myself be led by gut instinct and intuition has increased, which has made ​​my design more abstract.


The results are not always beautiful, often quite ambiguous, sometimes a bit dirty, something both the rub and seductive. That is also what I want to convey with this lamp, with its function, shape and choice of materials.


When I made ​​the model of what has come to evolve into a lamp, ashes from the volcanic eruption in Iceland dominated the news and that made ​​an impression in my design. It was the air, the oxygen in the bubble, the pure form versus the organic unidentifiable smoky and a bit uneasy derivative of a geometric shape, the base. I constantly want to keep moving, find new ways and shapes for my art but with a strong faith in the material possibilities and significance of the season.


Eyjafjallajokull designed by Mia E Goransson