Our story


The Fifty Fifty Projects is a new business model in furniture and interior design. We offer contemporary and unique products developed in collaboration with handpicked international designers. Our first collection is launched in Milan 2011.


We dare to share!

We believe in sharing equally, from the first sketch and all the way to the profit, which we split 50/50 between the designers and the company. We collaborate with contemporary artists and offer unique and experimental products that will leave no one untouched. We believe that a higher level of engagement from the participants in The Fifty Fifty Projects, throughout the entire process – from idea and concept, to manufacturing, sales and marketing – will have positive effects on both the artistic and economical outcome.



Initiated in 2010, The Fifty Fifty Projects came to life when Katja Pettersson decided to leave Front 2009, in order to move closer to the furniture industry itself and its intricate workings, while approaching things from a different perspective. Together with the industrial designer Anders Landström they created The Fifty Fifty Projects – a collaborative structure where the participants share knowledge, contacts and creative verve.



Martin Frostner – Graphic designer
Opacity – Web design
Göran Nordahl – Electronic designer
Joakim Bergström – Photographer
Nicho Södling – Photographer
Yoko Yamano Andersson – Glass artist
Lasse Hässler – Model maker
Delphine Marceau – Designer